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Standard-compliant Ex i proof from an expert supplier

Image: The explosion protection specialist R. STAHL issues professional, standard-compliant intrinsic safety certificates as a contractual service


Variable wireless networking in hazardous areas

Image: R. STAHL supports the process industry with explosion-protected installed wireless technology for Wi-Fi networking in Zone 1 and 2


UL-certified control stations for extreme temperatures

Image: UL-certified Ex e control stations made of stainless steel or glass fibre reinforced polyester resin for use in North America, even under extreme temperature conditions


Sustainable lighting solutions for Ex and non-Ex areas

Image 4: R. STAHL supplies LED light fittings specially for outdoor use – developed with a view to ensuring that they have zero impact on our natural environment. For instance, yellow lighting is used to prevent any effects on the natural behaviour of sea turtles.


High-quality paints in a new light – Long-life LED tubular light fittings for efficient general lighting

Long-life LED tubular light fittings for efficient general lighting


Coloured LED luminaires for eye wash stations and other special solutions

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