Fluorescent tube lights are a common form of lighting in many industries. But over the last years, LED lights are becoming more and more popular. This lighting technology will really take over all industries in every respect.

If you are still using conventional fluorescent tube lights, making the switch to LED lights is definitely worth considering! Simply because it can save your company a lot of money, now and in the future! LED lights are so popular because they are very energy-efficient and very kind to both the environment and your bottom line. It’s an opportunity that’s not to be missed!

Why R. Stahl Electromach is the right choice
For almost a century, R. Stahl has been trendsetting in the field safety technology for hazardous areas. We provide future-oriented products as well complete systems. We will find the optimum solution for every customer problem in explosion protection – all over the world. We owe this outstanding position to the our high quality standards and to be a reliable partner for our customers.

Our LED products
Safe lighting for explosion protection R. Stahl supplies explosion-proof lighting for almost any application: General lightingfloodlightscompact lightshand lamps or emergency lighting systems. In addition to these standard solutions, we are also your contact partner for custom complete solutions in the field of explosion-proof lighting technology. We manage every stage of the project, from the design stage to the manufacturing stage, to produce bespoke Ex lighting, custom lighting systems and complex emergency lighting systems (central battery units), and offer a comprehensive service in this field. LEDs for a bright outlook in hazardous areas Explosion-protected LED solutions from R. STAHL: Long-life, efficient and innovative.

R. Stahl has extensive expertise in lighting design, explosion-proof light fittings and LED technology for hazardous areas and harsh environments. This makes us a well-qualified, flexible partner for creating modern lighting solutions with particularly low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements.

suitable for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)!
So you want to replace your conventional lighting with LED lights. R. Stahl Electromach is the place to be! We have a wide range of LED lights, from portable lights and fire lights to pendant lights and linear lights. To make switching from conventional lights to LED lights even more interesting, it’s now cheaper than ever, thanks to the Energy Investment Allowance, which entitles you to tax benefits for purchasing Led lights. Did you know that this scheme has made LED lighting even more popular than it already was?

LED lights a shinning success thanks to tax benefit scheme!
Just like in 2020, companies will be able to apply for tax benefits through the Energy Investment Allowance when they purchase LED lights to invest in energy-efficient technologies and sustainable energy. Dependent of the individual situation, companies can deduct up to 45%’ of the costs incurred from their pre-tax profits, in addition to the usual depreciation. This scheme was created especially to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship. Not only do LED lights lead to lower energy bills, they’ll also get you an average tax refund of 10%! Anyone can profit from tax benefits when buying LED lighting!

To find out more about applying for these benefits,
follow this link http://www.rvo.nl/subsidies-regelingen/energie-investeringsaftrek-eia. Have you already upgraded your lights to LED? Make sure to submit your application for the EIA on time, within 3 months of purchasing your new lights. To find out more about R Stahl Electromach LED lights, please contact our office by sending an e-mail to request.nl@r-stahl.com or call +31 (0)74 247 24 72.


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